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Protect Your Savings

Protecting your savings and investments is a vital part of investing.  The Protect Your Savings tools are designed to help you make safe investment choices and recognize and avoid fraud and financial exploitation.

DASH for the STASH Posters

The DASH for the STASH posters were created as part of the multi-state DASH for the STASH investor education program.  Each of the four posters covers a different investor education topic and all are rich in investor education and protection content.

The DASH for the STASH program

Investor Education Booklets and Trifolds

Protect yourself by learning the process of investing with the IPI seven investor education booklets.  The booklets were developed in partnership with the Kiplinger Washington Editors and the Investor Protection Trust and cover many key investing topics such as stocks, bonds, saving for retirement, getting help, and more.

The “Getting Help with Your Investments” booklet provides information on checking out your financial advisor before investing, protecting your money, and contacting your State Securities Regulator.

Booklets and Trifolds


VideoStillThe Protect Yourself Videos explore common investment scams such as affinity fraud, technology scams, and elder fraud. Each features conversations with victims and helpful information from financial experts.

IPI Videos