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IPI worked with Kiplinger’s Washington Editors and the Investor Protection Trust to draft investor education booklets as part of IPI’s ongoing investor education and protection programs including the When I’m 65 Engagement Program. The investor education booklets cover the basics of several key investor topics such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds as well as provide information on the action steps you need to take at different stages of your life to prepare for your long term financial security. Several of the booklets have a complementary trifold brochure that summarizes its booklet.

Financial Field Manual

A newly updated version of this financial guide
helps military families make the most of the
valuable benefits available to them.


Starting to Save for Retirement

When I’m 65 Engagement Program
4-step action guide to help
those just starting out fund
a future ‘paycheck’


Ramp Up Savings for Your Retirement

When I’m 65 Engagement Program
5-step action guide to help
those mid-career boost your future
‘paycheck’ & retirement readiness


Getting Closer to Retirement

When I’m 65 Engagement Program
6-step action guide to help
those getting close to retirement
make your savings last


Making Your Money Last in Retirement

When I’m 65 Engagement Program
7-step action guide to help
those near or in retirement
maximize income from savings

Five Keys to Investing Success

Make investing a habit
Set exciting goals
Don’t take unnecessary risks
Keep time on your side

Booklet Trifold

The Basics for Investing in Stocks

Different flavors of stocks
The importance of diversification
How to pick and purchase stocks
Key measures of value and finding growth
When to sell
What’s your return?
Consider mutual funds

Booklet Trifold

A Primer for Investing in Bonds

How do bonds work, anyway?
How much does a bond really pay?
How to reduce the risks in bonds
Going the mutual fund route

Booklet Trifold

Mutual Funds and ETFs: Maybe All You’ll Ever Need

Mutual funds: The best investment
The different types of funds
How to choose funds and assemble a portfolio
Sources of mutual fund information
Where to buy funds

Booklet Trifold

Getting Help With Your Investments

Do you need a financial adviser?
Who’s who among financial advisers?
How to choose an advisor
5 questions to ask before you hire an adviser
How to open an account
What can go wrong
How to complain

Booklet Trifold