2,000 Participated in “DASH for the STASH” Investor Education and Protection Program in Libraries in Five States and D.C.

A total of 230 public libraries and other locations in the District of Columbia (DC) and five states — Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, and Nebraska – took part in the 2015 DASH for the STASH investor education/protection program and contest conducted by the Investor Protection Institute (IPI) and state securities agencies. The unique, “scavenger hunt”-like contest attracted an estimated 2,000 individuals at participating locations who learned and then were quizzed about key investing topics — financial fraud, building a nest egg, selecting financial advisers, and the cost of investment fees. From the pool of nearly 500 people submitting completed responses, six individuals – one in each participating state and D.C. – were selected to receive $1,000 IRA contributions.

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