iInvest.org: A New IPI Resource for Investor Education and Protection

Saving and investing for life-long financial security may not be rocket science, but it isn’t easy either. It requires us to think about the type of retirement we might like to have, to think about our current and future financial obligations, and to anticipate our needs and wants and those of our families. And then there is the actual planning, saving, and investing part. Wow!

The new Investor Protection Institute website, iInvest.org, is here to help you as you plan, save, and invest for your future.

Welcome to the Investor Protection Institute’s (IPI) new website: iInvest.org. With the launch of iInvest.org, and through our partnerships with government agencies, nonprofits, universities, and others, we hope to make a meaningful difference in the financial lives of Americans in all walks of life and at all levels of financial sophistication by:

  • Creating objective, non-commercial investor education and protection materials and videos that cover many of the key topics of investing. The materials are free and available to you online when you need them.
  • Developing groundbreaking investor education programs designed to help Americans understand the process of investing as well as information on retirement saving, getting help with your investments, avoiding investment fraud, and more.
  • Undertaking unbiased research to help increase awareness about investor literacy and investment fraud and to guide our investor education and protection programs.

Through educational videos, booklets and trifolds, partnerships, thought-provoking blog posts, community activities, and other programs, IPI is working to make investor education and protection a top priority of all Americans.

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