When I’m 65

When I’m 65 is a groundbreaking national documentary and engagement program focusing on the realities of retirement in the 21st century and the financial choices that all Americans need to make to plan for a financially secure future.

New When I'm 65 Action Guides

IPI worked with Kiplinger’s Washington Editors and the Investor Protection Trust to develop three new action guides with complementary facilitator guides and two new compilation booklets as part of the When I’m 65 Community Engagement Program Toolkit for consumers and educators. IPI’s When I’m 65 new facilitator guides are customizable PowerPoint presentations designed to be used as a teaching tool with each of the action guides.

Starting to Save for Retirement Action Guide
Starting to Save for Retirement Facilitator Guide
When I’m 65 4-step action guide to help those just starting out fund a future ‘paycheck’ and complementary facilitator PowerPoint presentation

Ramp Up Savings for Your Retirement
Ramp Up Savings for Your Retirement Facilitator Guide
When I’m 65 5-step action guide to help those mid-career boost your future ‘paycheck’ & retirement readiness and complementary facilitator PowerPoint presentation

Getting Closer to Retirement Action Guide
Getting Closer to Retirement Facilitator Guide
When I’m 65 6-step action guide to help those getting close to retirement make your savings last and complementary facilitator PowerPoint presentation

About the When I'm 65 Documentary and Engagement Program

When I’m 65 will begin with a coast-to-coast 60-minute feature documentary produced by PBS via Detroit Public Television and will continue long beyond the broadcast with a five-year engagement program that will help people of all ages across the nation expand their capacity for financial self-reliance in their later years. IPI is proud to partner with Detroit Public Television on this program.

The When I’m 65 60-minute documentary will air numerous times in key markets across the PBS system. It utilizes a multi-generational approach to examine how each generational cohort is looking at and planning for retirement, using case studies, engaging animations, and lively expert interviews.

The When I’m 65 engagement program utilizes screenings of the documentary to stimulate discussions and online activity to encourage active learning about planning ahead for retirement. The five-year engagement plan involves PBS stations across the country partnering with financial education specialists and retirement lifestyle experts to promote and conduct community-based workshops and educational events. We will address topics such as:

  • How longer life expectancies are changing what people are planning to do when they “retire.”
  • How the choice for some Baby Boomers may be either to work or move so that their financial resources will last across 20 or more years of retirement.
  • Housing and support services.
  • Bipartisan support of retirement policy changes.

The When I’m 65 documentary, distributed by American Public Television (APT), is now available on public television stations nationwide. Contact your local public television station for air dates. Visit to find your local station.

For more information on the multi-year WI65 engagement program and to register for updates, visit

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