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Put Retirement Savings on Autopilot

Choosing investments can seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. As you’re exploring savings options that can help you build a retirement nest egg, consider taking a fresh look at target date funds. Why? New research shows these wildly popular investment funds are so far serving investors well by encouraging prudent savings habits.

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Booklets & Trifolds

IPI worked with Kiplinger’s Washington Editors and the Investor Protection Trust to draft seven investor education booklets as part of IPI’s ongoing investor education and protection programs.

Booklets & Trifolds

DASH for the STASH

The DASH for the STASH multi-state program is an investor education and protection poster contest that takes place as part of April’s Financial Literacy Month in public libraries and other venues in participating states.

DASH for the STASH


The IPT Video Segments are designed to inform, protect, and motivate viewers. Each video tackles a particular investing issue, scam or question.

Video Collection

Has college loan debt kept you from saving and investing for retirement?

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