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Put Your 401(k) To Work

You know you need to invest for the future, but you procrastinate getting started because it all seems so overwhelming. You become paralyzed with indecision, inertia takes hold and you delay—or never get started—investing. Sound familiar? Fortunately, getting started is not as hard as you think it is, and there is a way for that inertia to work in your favor.

With pensions a rarity these days, a common retirement investment vehicle is the employer-sponsored 401(k) plan. For many of you, the opportunity to sign up for a 401(k) is part of your onboarding with a new job. You complete the necessary forms and each month a predetermined percentage of your paycheck is invested into your company 401(k) plan. While you will pay taxes on any withdrawals from a 401(k) once you’re retired, (and heavy penalties if you withdraw before the age of 59 ½) any contributions you make are pre-tax. Which means that your taxable income for that year is reduced, and you pay less income tax. Not bad.

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